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Wednesday Wisdom… Kinda – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Wednesday Wisdom… Kinda

June 25, 2015

As a working Mom, more importantly as a person, I have a deeply vested interest in doing my best.  I live to be a leader versus a follower.  

The quote I live by:  

Excellence is my favorite word.  It’s definition, the act or state of excelling.   It is a constant challenge to attain.  Regardless of our paths in life, everyone can push for excellence. 

While growing up, my parents pushed me in different ways to strive and excel. They also taught me to take no prisoners and be seen AND heard. Don’t settle for ordinary, be extraordinary. 

I love to stand out from the crowd and drive myself forward.  

They made me the Bossy woman I am today. 

And I am Bossy with a capital B. 

That’s right I am walking here!! Step aside. 

I am proud of my reputation for being a hard working woman who strives and is Bossy. I fully admit, I like things my way, and yes my way is usually pretty darn good. 

I am however flexible, and I work in an industry where change is the norm, so I can usually roll without much angst. I changed my career trajectory a year ago and went in a totally new direction on a moments notice. I had a chance to try something new and I took it.  I hold onto the mantra that putting in the extra effort towards excellence usually reaps what was sown.   

Mediocrity is not an option.  As a result I am often tough on myself, and I am frustrated when things DON’T go my way.  I thoroughly dedicate myself to the task in front of me.  My Bossy side also comes out at home too, of course.  It’s not limited to the office. 

My eldest son commented that the word Bossy in the dictionary has my picture next to it. 
         YAY!! I am finally famous.  

Most of the Leadership books out there define a leader as someone who is motivated to excellence, committed and flexible.  Throw in a bit of Bossy and you have the perfect mix in my opinion!!  

Be your Bossy Best ~ Miranda

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