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Real Woman, Real Weight, No Excuses – 2 Weeks In…Zero Progress  – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Real Woman, Real Weight, No Excuses – 2 Weeks In…Zero Progress 

June 22, 2015

UGH!!!  Why?  I thought I was doing better. 

I am having a fat-butt day. Seriously, there are no other words to describe it. The dress I put on to go to work this morning accentuates the fact that I gained weight in my stomach and hips. It’s knit, has vertical stripes which are supposed to elongate the body and instead I look like a pear. 


My hair looks great so it is some consolation.

I have been journaling my food for 22 straight days. I can truly tell how I put this 12 lbs on over these past 6 months (as I highlighted in my first article).  I was over my calorie goal on many of the 22 days, especially in beginning.  

Each day as I completed my diary MyFitnessPal would say “Based upon your current calorie intake your weight in 5 weeks would be…”  Today’s weight. 


Noticing a trend, I have been more careful with the foods I put in my mouth, however no weight loss progress yet.  In fact this morning when I got on the scale I was 1lb heavier!!!  And I worked out Saturday and Sunday!!!  Why??


That pound has to be water retention from those 2 beers I allowed myself yesterday for Father’s Day.  

Darn Corona. Why do you have to taste so good on a hot NYC day??  And I was under my daily calorie goal, go figure!!

On an optimistic note, last week I went back on my previous morning routine of a vegan protein shake breakfast.  The shake, coffee and toast (so my supplements don’t upset my stomach) is all I have until 11am.  Then I have my Orac Energy Greens and Collagen Powder.

I don’t know what made me stop this routine. I will blame decision on… Me

Orac Energy Greens are a great supplement, full of vitamins, greens (spirulina, wheat grass, etc) and adaptogens. I love how a scoop of the greens and the collagen in about 20 oz of water gives me an energy boost. I feel a sense of clarity after drinking it. 

Plus it helps keep the plumbing functioning and my hair has never been better

My green drink tastes slightly like you’re drinking the front lawn, but good health is worth it.  I don’t mix with juices to cut the taste. I just shake up the powders and water in my blender bottle and drink it down. 

Do any of you “green”?  What green supplements or shakes/smoothies do you enjoy?  Do you notice benefits?

Before I forget, over the weekend I found a new personalized fitness program app. Radius Fitness and am on a 30 day trial.  You plug in your age, gender, weight and fitness goals and it creates a custom program for you. My next blog post will be on Radius Fitness after I have done 3 workouts.  

Do any of you use Radius? If so let me know your likes/dislikes!  

Week 3 of no excuses is in full swing. 

Wishing you a productive week ~ Miranda 

And you can also follow me on bloglovin’. Not sure why its widgets don’t work on WordPress. 

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