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Engaged Students, Amazing Results – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Engaged Students, Amazing Results

June 21, 2015

All too often in the media we see, hear or read about the things that are wrong with our schools, students or teachers. Day in and day out our eyes and ears are assaulted with negative stories. 

I am here today to share something totally opposite.  Know what, it’s not sensationalist, mega, world-changing news, but if I was the local TV station, this would be the story I would want to feature. This is something my friends and I felt good about hitting the like button on Facebook for. Stories that make us smile. 

Two Social Studies teachers at an Intermediate School in Staten Island (middle or junior high for my non-NYC readers) brought the 8th grade students together to produce a music video to celebrate their impending graduation in collaboration with Yearbook Innovation.  This company specializes chronicling graduations and Yearbooks.  

My friend’s daughter-in-law is one of those two teachers and my friend proudly posted the video on Facebook for us all to see. Seeing my friend’s enthusiasm for the video, I curiously sat down to watch.  

Lip synching to Bruno Mars Uptown Funk, the smiles on the students faces were priceless. The choreography was all done by the students themselves, and they put a significant amount of care and effort into getting it just right.  

Two teachers brought the children together and they produced a memory that will last a lifetime

In creating this video, these teachers helped the students learn important life skills and culture values.  Collaboration, teamwork, leadership, project management all lead to a resultant work of art. It was true and entertaining.  Art is a precious commodity that many public schools, especially our NYC schools have given up these days. 

Now I am not sure I can post the video, to preserve the students anonymity, however I felt compelled to highlight the important values the teacher’s promoted. 

Good teachers = engaged students. This is what brings learning to life.  Whether it be book lessons or life lessons

The students have a memory that will last a lifetime. May they graduate and all go on to future success, carrying this remembrance with them. 

It’s not sensationalist negative news, it’s just a local story about local people who made a difference.  Isn’t that what it is truly all about?  

Are there good teachers you would like to highlight? Do you know a teacher who is inspiring young minds?  Share their stories with us!  

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