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The Grey Hair Moments – Kickoff – Need Your Help – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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The Grey Hair Moments – Kickoff – Need Your Help

June 18, 2015

The Grey Hair Moments will be an ongoing series chronicling situations that increase the amount of grey hairs on my head. Wherever, whenever, whoever (mostly my own sons, but there are a few others who up the grey quotient).   In the quest to be fabulous at 50, you have to get through the rough patches.

Sometimes I will need my readers advice and today is one of those times. 

Today’s grey hair moment is sponsored by Aleve (sure I wish I was getting paid for this) and my 20-year-old son Joe’s ongoing back pain.

First some background. Joe is 6′ 1″ tall and very thin, my “SkinnyMan”.  Not an ounce of fat on his body. Contrary to his current weight/height, he was a huge toddler. I used to call him the “Michelin Man” due to all the fat rolls on his thighs. As he grew, he thinned out and he became the string bean he is today.  He is so tall, I love standing on my tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

He makes me smile. 

He hates when I call him “string bean” 

Joe is my independent one. Out of the three brothers, he is the most self-sufficient and he finds the concept of “needing” something intolerable. Joe doesn’t want to be dependent upon anyone or anything. He works as a plumber assistant, saves his own money, takes care of his car, buys his own food, etc. He is determined to take care of himself.

He makes me smile.

He wakes up every morning with back pain.  And he also has the ‘burps’. He likes to feed himself, so what does he eat – fast food of course.  But could the burps/back pain be related?  He’s a bit of a sloucher too, trying to get him to sit or stand up straight is a chore.  I have taken him to a chiropractor, doctors, had multiple tests etc and so far all come up inconclusive. No bulged disc, no herniations, nothing. His dependency on Aleve for his back pain is causing him to react angrily in the mornings. He hates it. He is also very vocal and overall the situation is stressful.

Let’s put it this way, if you’re in room with him, you immediately find him grating. The “ughhhhs,” whines and missives are ongoing.  I wish I knew what was wrong, my ears need a break.

I know it’s not his fault, the entire situation is frustrating when you cant figure out what’s wrong with your child.  

This entire process has also been expensive.  Tests that are not covered by insurance 100%, a new mattress, and we are now buying a memory foam topper for it.  Trying anything to help Joe get over this hurdle. I have suggested he start trying some stretches that work more muscle groups – like “Good Mornings” – maybe do a set of 15 reps and work his way up to 50?  Fitness friends, thoughts?

He works as a plumber assistant and has a support belt for his back that he wears.  His back seems to loosen up during the day. When he came into the room this morning to get an Aleve, he had a cold water bottle stuffed in the back of the band resting against his back.  This pain and tension only seems to happen in the mornings.  Or at least that’s the only time I hear him complain about it.

I am hoping some of my blogger friends/readers have ideas on another mode of treatment to consider.   I also worry about the long term use of Aleve.  I have read it can be addictive.  Is that fact or fiction? 115eca39cd7c6fe76c9ed1f98a717c13

So that’s my Grey Hair Moment today.

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  • Reply Jennifer Continillo June 19, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Chiropractic care is his best option if all tests are showing no disk deterioration.. Any knowledgable chiro will set up a plan where he goes 3/4 times a week. Has payment plans for scheduled visits and such. Stretching exercises are recommended. It’s a process that takes time. I’m no expert. Can only go by my experience.

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