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55 and Better!  The Real World – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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55 and Better!  The Real World

June 7, 2015

On Sunday mornings we have a set routine. Up between 8 and 8:30, coffee, Channel 4 News, and Open House. 

We have always been fans of Open House, real estate is a big part of our lives. We enjoy learning about local and national market, and the design tips are great.  I have leveraged a few things I have learned on Open House in my own home. 

Almost every 8:45, like clockwork, there is the commercial for the community of homes for “active adults, 55 and Better.”  

There are some super women I consider 55 and Better. They shine in both their personal and professional accomplishments, are activists and amazing.  And they show all that women don’t stop living at 50. 

Our Golden Years are shiny, not a matte finish


Julianne Moore – Still Alice – tear tear…

However these are not the people they show as 55 and Better.   They show a group of retirees in their Bermuda shorts playing tennis and bocce.

Bocce?  Bermuda shorts? Really?  

Don’t mistake my hero worship for fantasy. I don’t expect Oprah or Helen Mirren to be my neighbors but I don’t plan on spending my 50’s playing Bocce or in a “community center” either.  

The whole scene is not my idea of 55 and Better. 

Plus since when can any of us afford to go retire at 55?  Not me. Most of us are now working well into our 70s, we have bills to pay!  

If they want to get people like me to invest in a 55 and Better community, then show normal adults going off to work. The benefits of the commuting time, the location of the nearest Starbucks!  Show a local charity or two we can volunteer with. 

I am active, I am an adult and in a few short years will join the ranks of 55 and Better.  I have high standards and lofty goals. Show me how to obtain them, maybe then I will use the bocce court on weekends. 

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