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Amazing in Your Own Skin – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Amazing in Your Own Skin

June 6, 2015

As I sit here on the recumbent bike, pedaling away, 20.5 mph, I am watching a feature on the Steve Harvey Show (I DVR) about a woman named Brittany Gibbons who is simply amazing and inspiring. I was immediately compelled to write about her.

Steve Harvey featured Brittany and her book “Fat Girl Walking: Sex, Food, Love and Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin…Every Inch of it.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV. Brittany is a beautiful curvy girl. Her flaming red hair is to be envied, as well as her commitment and spirit. She encourages hundreds of thousands of women to be comfortable in their own bodies, no matter what size, via her book, blog and other media. She also runs a co-Ed Camp for adults!

Camp Throwback – who says you can’t go back?

As a mother, Brittany was inspired by her own young daughter who started to use negative words to describe her own body image. Something no woman, of any age, should allow themselves to do.

Way to go!

I admire women and men who have positive, inclusive messages to share.  As a woman approaching 50, I only want motivational, strong, and excellent influences. I have no patience for negativity and divisiveness.

Women in the audience stood up and thanked her for her words of encouragement and teaching them to feel great about themselves.

Brittany Gibbons – you are awesome!! I applaud you and gave the TV a standing ovation!

I encourage you to follow her, I just did…


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