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What are FCPs and Why do I Love Them? – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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What are FCPs and Why do I Love Them?

June 3, 2015

Today I did a colleague of mine a favor at lunch and learned something valuable in the process!

Since I was going to be in area, she asked me to head over pick up a bottle of her favorite perfume, Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret at their flagship store on Lexington Avenue and 58th Street (no product plug intended).  I will call it VS for remainder of the article. 

Another female colleague, whom I also consider a friend, joined me in the perfume quest.  VS here we come. 

I don’t know if you’ve been in the flagship VS store, but all the featured lingerie is immediately to your left. Bras, nighties, pretty robes and the ultimate in VS’s secrets – thongs. 

We were commiserating on our mutual love-hate affair with the thong. Sexy in their appearance, some can only be described as a modern day torture device. How many of us have put one on only to see it accentuate every curve in our hips?  Or the dreaded “ass-string.”  I will admit, I have pulled an annoying thong string out of my backside more than once.

Picking up an emerald green lace and silken string thong, which was admittedly very pretty, I turned to my friend and said “love this, but oh the joys of the old “Granny Panty” on the weekends.”  

Every Saturday I GLADLY turn in the supposed- sexiness of the silk and lace thonged backside for my 100% cotton full on “Granny Panty.”  


 Happy happy JOY JOY!

My friend says “You mean an FCP!”  

“What’s an FCP?” I exclaim, intrigued

“Full Coverage Panty!”  

“FCP! I love that name!”

My friend replied “Why should a nice, comfy panty be referred to as a “granny?  Women deserve better than that.”

“You’re so right!  Women deserve better than that.”

A nice comfy FCP.  Covering every crevice, lump and bump.  Hallelujah!

I have the best friends!!

Now that I am done drafting my epiphany for today, I am going to go put on my best FCP and dance around my bedroom. Oh maybe the purple ones…little color makes the world brighter. 


~ Images are sourced from Google and not of me in my FCPs.  

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