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My Baby – Stronger Than Me

July 20, 2016

If you’re personal friends with me on Facebook or Instagram you will have been bombarded by my over 200 photos from Luciano’s first Spartan race this weekend.  You may even want to turn back now, because you have already heard 36 hours of my incessant bragging.   Well today’s column will continue the bragfest, simply because Luciano did all the training, preparation and execution to honor one person, Anthony.   When Anthony died, each of us did special things to…

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Breathing in the Insanity

I am laughing my ass off right now.  Yes, laughing for a change!!I went to Sephora today as I have been missing my Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Naked2 for over a month now.  That’s my shade and my signature.  I needed MY lipstick. …

June 22, 2016